Within a block of the hotel, you can walk, surf, and swim at one of the world’s best beaches (we offer towels to borrow for the beach, beach chairs, boogies boards, umbrellas, and toys). Play tennis on one of a dozen free municipal courts one block from the Inn, golf at the Coronado Golf Course, rent a boat or take a harbor excursion from scenic Glorietta Bay Marina, rent bikes, walk, or jog to explore Coronado’s beautiful architecture. We also have plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Activities Menu:

Attractions and Museums Coronado

Within 15 minutes

In-Room Massage Relax with an in-room massage by Exquisite Mobile Massage. Our professional massage therapists travel to you and will give you a top quality massage in the comfort of your guest room.

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage — $125/60 minutes or $165/90 minutes.
  • Deep Tissue Massage — $135/60 minutes or $175/90 minutes.
  • Sports Massage — $135/60 minutes or $175/90 minutes.
  • Back on Track Massage (neck and back focused) — $130/60 minutes.
  • Pregnancy Massage — $125/60 minutes or $165/60 minutes plus a 30 minute reflexology massage.

For massage appointments, please contact our Concierge at 800-283-9383 or make appointment directly.

Public Golf Courses Imagine yourself golfing while overlooking the Pacific Ocean or Beautiful San Diego Bay… For recommendations and tee times, please contact our Concierge, at 800-283-9383. Coronado:

Within 15 miles:

Outdoor Recreation You are just a block from one of the world’s best beaches. We offer towels to borrow for the beach, beach chairs, boogies boards, umbrellas, and toys. Biking is a great way to explore Coronado’s architecture and natural beauty. You can rent bikes at Little Sam’s or the Del. Or, bring your own. We offer bike storage. Eight tennis courts are within a block of the hotel. They’re free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Boat rentals and excurions are available at Glorietta Bay Marina. Our concierges are ready to help, 800-283-9383.

Shopping There are numerous fine shopping areas within a few minutes of our inn. You can choose from large modern shopping malls to quaint boutiques with unique and very special finds.

Professional Sports & Major Sports Events A special “San Diego” twist on baseball: Take the water taxi across the bay to enjoy a Padres game at Petco Park. Within 15 miles:


Theater For theatre aficionados, San Diego is a delight. The Lamb’s Players Theatre is within two blocks of the hotel. Our concierge is happy to assist, 800-283-9383. Coronado:

Within 15 miles:


Colleges and Universities Do you have a relative in College? Stay with us while you visit your loved ones. Within 18 miles we have 7 different colleges:

Mexico The U.S./Mexico border is just a 20 minute drive from Coronado. You can drive or take the city bus to the city trolley to the border. Parking is available on both sides of the border. If you drive into Mexico, special insurance is required. Please contact our concierge for more information, 800-283-9383.

Tours Coronado and San Diego Bay: Coronado Historic Walking Tour, leaves from our lobby – this 90-minute tour explores the glamorous history of Coronado and is a real favorite with our guests.