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Planning on Traveling in Group?

Interested in a Group Room Block for a special occasion such as a Coronado Wedding, Family Reunion, Girls' Getaway or Birthday Celebration? Traveling as a Group or Team for a Sporting Event or a Military Occasion?

We love to work with those traveling as a group for business or leisure: Complete the Request below and we will reply within 24 hours or call us at (619) 365-0244 or email at sales@gloriettabayinn.com.

Image of JOhn Spreckels

History of the Glorietta Bay Inn

John Dietrich Spreckels (pictured to the left) did more than any other individual in San Diego's history to help the city prosper. His visionary leadership helped put San Diego on the map of national and international commerce. Convinced by local civic boosters that San Diego was ideally located for commerce, Spreckels at the age of 34, began investing in the community. He bought the utility company, street car system, water company and established the San Diego & Arizona Eastern railroad, opening San Diego to the east. CLICK TO READ MORE